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Collection of paranormal Pictures

Small collection of paranormal pictures.

The Brown Lady

The brown lady - thought to be that of Lady Dorothy Townshend, wife of Charles Townshend, 2nd Viscount of Raynham, residents of Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England in the early 1700s.

Lord Combermere's ghost

Combermere Abbey library was taken in 1891 by Sybell Corbet. The figure of a man can faintly be seen sitting in the chair to the left. His head, collar and right arm on the armrest are clearly discernable. It is believed to be the ghost of Lord Combermere.

Freddy Jackson

Taken in 1919, was first published in 1975 by Sir Victor Goddard, a retired R.A.F. officer. The photo is a group portrait of Goddard’s squadron, which had served in World War I at the HMS Daedalus training facility. An extra ghostly face appears in the photo. 

Tulip Staircase Ghost

Rev. Ralph Hardy, a retired clergyman from White Rock, British Columbia, took this now-famous photograph in 1966. He intended merely to photograph the elegant spiral staircase (known as the “Tulip Staircase”) in the Queen’s House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. 

Madonna of Bachelor's Grove

This photo was taken during an investigation of Bachelor’s Grove cemetery near Chicago by the Ghost Research Society (GRS). On August 10, 1991, several members of of the GRS were at the cemetery, a small, abandoned graveyard on the edge of the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, near the suburb of Midlothian, Illinois.
Ghost in Italian castle 1980's
A ghost snapped in an Italian Castle in the 1980’s
Godfather's Pizza Ghost
Several unnerving instances of ghost and poltergeist activity were reported by the management, staff, and customers of the Godfather’s Pizza restaurant in Ogden, Utah in 1999-2000, prompting an investigation by Utah Paranormal Exploration and Research (UPER). Phenomena included:The sighting of several spirits, including those of a man, a woman, and two boysA jukebox that played by itself, even when unpluggedA tile floor that inexplicably bulged up as high as ten inches, then leveled itself; a later examination showed nothing out of the ordinary beneath the tile and the concrete was intactAs many as 40 fluorescent light tubes flew out of their boxes and smashed on the floor Mysterious whistling was heard from the kitchen several times.

Ghostly Grip

This interesting photo was taken sometime around the year 2000 in Manilla, Republic of the Philippines. According to The Ghost Research Society, two girlfriends were out for a walk one warm night. One of them entreated a passing stranger to photograph them using her cell phone’s camera (hence the low-resolution picture). The result is shown here, with a transparent figure seeming to tug on the girl’s arm with a firm if friendly grip.

Decebal Hotel Ghost

Taken in 2008, The spirit of a tall woman in a long white frock has long been reported at the spa. The hotel in Romania is rumored to hide ancient Roman treasure, and the ghost, it is said, appears to protect it from treasure hunters.

Farm Ghost

Taken by photographer and graphic designer Neil Sandbach in 2008. Neil was photographing some scenic shots at a farm Hertfordshire, England, as part of a project for wedding stationery; the couple planned to have their wedding ceremony held there.

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A fearsome giant ‘warrior wasp’ discovered in a tropical forest in Indonesia

New to nature No 63: Dalara garuda

The newly discovered giant wasp, Dalara Garuda
The newly discovered giant wasp, Dalara Garuda, is 2.5 inches long. Photograph: UC Davis

Lynn Kimsey, director of the Bohart Museum of Entomology at the University of California in Davis, has discovered a 2.5in wasp that has jaws longer than its front legs and a particularly fierce appearance. The description of the species is not yet published so its scientific name is not official, but Kimsey will name it Garuda, after the national symbol ofIndonesia – a mythological, part-human, part-eagle warrior that has wide wings, great speed and superb fighting skills.

Her Garuda, which she describes as the Komodo dragon of wasps, was collected in the Mekongga Mountains on Sulawesi island, which, like Australia and Madagascar, has an inordinate percentage of species found nowhere else on earth. As curator of a collection with half-a-million wasps from around the world, Kimsey instantly knew that this beast was unusual.

The Garuda is a predator of other insects and belongs to the genusDalara in the wasp family Crabronidae. Although little is yet known of the natural history of this winged beast, Kimsey points to behaviours in related species of Dalara that may explain its extraordinary mandibles. Some males sit at the nest entrance and guard against parasites and other wasps that rob nests. This vigilance is repaid with a sexual encounter each time the female returns. Kimsey notes that the Garuda’s “jaws are big enough to wrap around the female’s thorax and hold her during mating”.

A team of scientists exploring the plants, animals, and fungi of Sulawesi have collected about one million specimens over the past four years. Kimsey estimates that among the wasps alone there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of species new to science. She is concerned about the loss of tropical forests and what that portends for species diversity. So many wasps, so little time.

Quentin Wheeler is director of the International Institute for Species Exploration, Arizona State University

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First Pictures: Live Snub-Nosed Monkeys Caught on Camera

The photos are said to be the first ever of live snub-nosed monkeys.

Discovered two years ago, the species—nicknamed “snubby”—was previously known only from dead specimens. So conservation group Flora & Fauna International (FFI) set up camera traps to try to catch the elusive animals on film. PLEASE VISIT NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FOR FULL ARTICLE

Snub-nosed monkey picture

Snub-nosed monkey babies picture


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Weird sounds -hums, booms & Tremors Phenomenon

On the site i frequent, abovetopsecret, alot of us are trying to investigate the weird sound phenomenon that seems to be getting reported. I done a small investigations thread called  investigating the weird hums booms and tremors. There is also an index thread that another user has attempted to start - Linking Thread for Strange Sound Phenomenon to catogorise the threads and info coming up on the boards. These strange noises have been ever increasing over the last half year, with no concrete solution to them.

If your interested you should go check them out.

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Freaky Secrets of the presidency

Did you know that George Washington wasn’t actually the first usa president? A man called John Hanson was, he was considered to be a ‘man of color’ because of his Moorish background. The Constitutional Congress to the office of “President of the United States in Congress Assembled elected him on November 5th 1781, he served for a year and was later followed by 6 other presidents before George Washington. 

Did You know that president Grover Cleveland was a Draft Dodger?, he instead sent someone else in his place in the army. He got a lot of stick by an opponent called james blaine ,but it was later found out that blaine had done the same thing! 
President Ulysses S. Grant was stopped and convicted of exceeding the speed limit whilst on his horse in Washington DC, he was issued with a $20 fine. 

Weird Presidential Facts 

President Garfield could write in Latin with one hand and in Greek with the other… at the same time! 

thomas Jefferson invented the coat hanger, the hideaway bed, the calendar clock and the dumbwaiter. 

Thomas Jefferson’s original draft of the Declaration of Independence criticized the institution of slavery. this original draft was also written on hemp paper. 

President James Buchanan was the only bachelor to occupy the Oval Office. His niece, Harriet Lane, played the role of First Lady. 

President Washington was the wealthiest man in American at the time of his election as President, but he had to borrow money to attend his inauguration. His enormous wealth was attributed the vast property that he owned which produced almost no cash flow. 

John Tyler, who was President from 1841 to 1845, joined the Confederacy twenty years later and became the only President named a sworn enemy of the United States. 

President Andrew Jackson believed the world was flat and FDR was so superstitious, that he would never leave town on a Friday and never sit at a table with 13 people. 

Did you know that A man named David Rice Atchison was apparently president of the usa for a while ONE DAY?. According to the law at the time, if neither the President nor the Vice President were in office, the President Pro Tem of the Senate (Atchinson) became President. On March 4, 1849, President Polk’s term had expired and President-elect Taylor could not yet be sworn in because it was a Sunday. Atchinson did not realize that he had been President for a day until several months later. 

The biggest president loser of all time?? 

I wonder who you can guess who the following is about. 
At 22 yrs old he already had a failed business under his belt. 
At 23 he lost a bid for U.S Congress. 
At 24 he had another failed business. 
The following year he was finally elected to state legislater, but he lost his sweetheart when he was 26 years old, this then lead to a full nervous breakdown by the time he was 27. 
When he was 29, he was defeated for the post of Speaker of the House in the state legislature. 
When he was 31, he was defeated as Elector. 
When he was 34, he ran for Congress again and lost. 
At 37, he ran for Congress yet again and finally won, but two years later he lost his re-election campaign. 
At the age of 46, he ran for a U.S. Senate seat and lost. The following year he ran for Vice President and lost. 
Finally, at the age of 51, he was elected President of the United States. 
Do you know who he is yet? It was none other than CLICK ME TO FIND OUT 

Coincidental death? 

Did you know that Tomas Jefferson and John Adams both died on the same day? July 4th 1826. Jefferson’s last words were: “Is it the fourth?” This coincidentally was the 50th anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independence. 
Jefferson and Adams die on same day 

Did you know that Robert Todd Lincoln was at the assassinations of none other than 3 presidents :O, his father’s, President Garfield’s and President McKinley’s. He would not have been present at these events if it hadn’t been for the brother of John Wilkes Booth, who saved his life years earlier. Makes you wonder who the real target was LOL 
Heres an interesting fact for you: There is a belief that a curse has been responsible of the deaths of every US president before the end of their term in office, if they were elected in a year that ended with 0. The first victim of the curse was William Henry Harrison, whose troops killed the Indian chief in 1813. 

Harrison, elected in 1840, died of pneumonia after serving 31 days in office. 

Lincoln, elected in 1860, assassinated. 

Garfield, elected in 1880, assassinated. 

McKinley, elected to a second term in 1900, assassinated. 

Harding, elected in 1920, died of a stroke in 1923. 

Roosevelt, elected to a third term in 1940, died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1945. 

Kennedy, elected in 1960, assassinated. 

Reagan, elected in 1980, survived an attempted assassination. 

This was the curse of Indian chief Tecumseh Which was meant to have lasted 30 years.

Strange But True 

Prophetic Presidents - Lincoln prophesized his own death and even warned Congress about it. Washington prophesied the great future of the United States, including the victories in two Great Wars, and overcoming the devastation of a third (yet to occur?) global conflict. 

All in the Family Affair? 

Franklin Roosevelt was related to Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and even his own wife, Eleanor, a second cousin. Although the relationship with the Roosevelt’s was an uncomfortable situation for many people, there was strange twist to the First Couples marriage. For 30 plus years, from 1932 on,Eleanor Roosevelt had an affair with another woman, Associated Press reporter Lenora Hickok. Eleanor wrote well over 2,300 passionate love letters to Hicky which Hicky saved on the condition that they not be published until 10 years after Eleanor’s death. 

Sources and Other strange president Facts 
Presidential facts 
present facts document 
national geographic 
random facts 

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Illusions seeing behind the mask of reality

It’s an interesting concept to contemplate I think, is what we see everyday in front of our eyes actually reality or is it part of an optical illusion? I know the idea seems rather far-fetched and *out-there* but lets just think this over for a few minutes. 

In movies this has been explored somewhat, tying in the theory that our *reality* isn’t what we think it is the following movies come to mind; The Truman Show, Dark City, The Thirteenth Floor, eXistenZ, The Matrix, The Island, The Forgotten. 

The Truman show— Unknown to Truman Burbank, (Jim Carrey) his life is actually the subject of a reality TV program, complete with actors and sets, watched by millions around the world. His friends, his coworkers, even his wife, are just hired actors playing a role. Adopted as an infant by a corporation, Truman (True Man) has been raised in the world’s largest artificially created city, underneath a dome so big it can be seen from space. 

Dark City——— John Murdoch (Rufus Sewell) awakens in a bathtub in a hotel room with no recollection of who he is or what’s going on. He soon discovers that he’s the suspect in a string of murders, and finds himself pursued by “The Strangers”, a group of cadaverous looking beings with other-worldly abilities. Also looking for Murdoch are his estranged wife, (Connelly) an Inspector, (Hurt) and a mysterious psychiatrist, Dr. Schreber, (Sutherland). But Dark City is just that — dark. A city that never seems to experience daylight, although nobody seems to notice or question it. Every night at midnight the entire city stops, as the Strangers perform what’s known as “Tuning.” As they gather in front of a huge clock, time stops. While things are on pause, the city is rearranged – new buildings form, old buildings are redesigned, people are injected with new identities via a syringe administered by Dr. Schreber, the psychiatrist who now works for the Strangers, doing their bidding. Then time resumes again, the city comes back to life, and people go about their business, none the wiser. Murdoch is one of the only people who is aware, an anomaly who woke up in the middle of a Tuning and now has the same abilities as the Strangers. As he wanders about Dark City trying to piece together the puzzle of his missing identity, he is able to witness of the true nature of reality. Now he just needs to get to the bottom of who the Strangers are, and what Dark City really is. 

The Thirteenth Floor— Douglas Hall (Bierko) and his colleague Whitney (Donofrio) have created a virtual reality world set in 1937 Los Angeles, although have yet to test it. When their project leader Hannon (Mueller-Stahl) is found murdered, Douglas soon becomes a suspect in the murder, with damning evidence that places him at the scene of the crime. Yet, he has zero recollection of any of it, he actually really liked his boss and considered him a friend, and nothing about his personality indicates that he has it in him to do such a thing. Adding to the mystery is Jane, (Mol) the beautiful woman claiming to be the daughter of Hannon – who never once mentioned that he had a daughter. Douglas discovers that Hannon had been entering the virtual reality world prior to his death, and decides to follow his lead to get some answers. He goes in thinking he’s going to find out the truth about Hannon’s murder, but comes away discovering the truth about the entire nature of their reality.

eXistenZ — Computer game designer Allegra Geller (Leigh) has designed eXistenZ — a virtual reality game system designed to plug into a bioport in the spine in order to interface with the user. While demonstrating it for the first time on a group of participants during the premier, Allegra dodges an assassination attempt that winds up damaging the unique, only-one-in-existence game system. With the help of marketing PR assistant Ted Pikul, (Law) she takes off on the lam, then lures Pikul to enter into the damaged game system with her, much to his reluctance. The eXistenZ game system itself is organic, with an actual umbilical cord for a cord and a pod made of real flesh that writhes and squishes and squeaks, grown from fish eggs that have been inserted with synthetic DNA. 

The Island – In the middle of the Arizona desert in an underground former military bunker lies the world’s premier cloning facility for the rich and famous and elite. For 5 million dollars a person can have themselves cloned in the event they ever need the spare parts or a vehicle to give them a baby. The clones are known as “insurance policies” – but what the elite don’t realize is that they’ve been lied to. Their clone counterparts are not brain dead vegetables lying in pods as they’ve been told, but rather, fully functioning people being reared in a high tech utopian facility. The clone agnates are viewed as nothing more than a multi-billion dollar product – and the product is being lied to as well. They know nothing of their true situation and are kept obedient and unquestioning via some heavy duty mind control, implanted fake memories, holographic projections of a false outside world view, and a whopping lie that they are the fortunate survivors of a contaminated world unfit to live in. There is one thing though that keeps hope alive for the cloned residents and gives their existences purpose – it’s called “The Island,” supposedly the last uncontaminated place on Earth where “lucky” lottery winners get to go. 

The Forgotten — Telly Paretta (Moore) is still grieving for the death of her nine year old son Sam who died 14 months before in a plane crash during a field trip. Then it happens — her husband and psychiatrist do a 180 one day, claiming she never had a son and fabricated his memory as some sort of delusion. One by one, pictures and memorabilia from Sam disappear, leaving Telly with nothing but her memories and conviction that he did exist…even if nobody else remembers, and all the evidence has disappeared. She embarks on a mission to get to the bottom of what’s going on, enlisting the help of fellow Brooklyn neighborhood resident Ash Correll, (West) who, like everybody else, has no recollection of Sam either…or his own daughter Lauren, who was friends with Sam and died along with him. 

“The Forgotten” is slightly different from the other movies mentioned here in that it’s not about “fake” reality — but it is about manipulated reality and hidden controllers, and reality not being entirely what it seems to be. I think this is a good movie that’s been overlooked and maligned by people that I consider to be doing “damage control” with their negative reviews. There are many parallels to “Dark City” with this movie – the lead character waking up to the fact that reality is an experiment being conducted by aliens, taking off on the lam to solve a big mystery and being sought after by her spouse, a detective, and a psych doc. So if one of them isn’t your cup of tea, then the other should work.  

The reason I am interested in this theory is that what if there are some credence to this, would this explain things like shadow people, aliens, ghosts etc? Are we awakening for a few seconds/minutes every so often to truly see reality, would this lean some credence to the many stories we hear of abductees about being operated on, seeing beings, etc etc perhaps those people briefly awakened to the *true reality*. 

Maybe this awakening everyone goes on about has more credit than first thought if you lean towards the *this is not our true reality theory*. Perhaps this is going to be our awakening when we truly see our world for what it is and not what tptb wants us to see, perhaps this is what the *government* is hiding from us, with all their non-disclosers and cover-ups, the MIB threatening abductees/ ufo witnesses, maybe they are just keeping us from the ultimate truth out there. 

Mnd Control has been some what explored theories like MKUltra and similer if truly pulled off could tie in with the theory. Programming centers around the concept of inverted reality and illusion, where nothing is at it appears to be, where up is down, yes is no, pain is pleasure, and reality and dreams are blurred. Not being able to determine what’s real and what’s illusion/dream/fake is a big theme used in mind control to get targets to give up on reality and succumb to alter-ego programming. So would it be possible to *trick* our eyes into believing we are seeing stuff that isn’t there? 

Are we living in a computer simulation type world? Take for example this site I found 

Perhaps its most startling lesson is that there is a significant probability that you are living in computer simulation. I mean this literally: if the simulation hypothesis is true, you exist in a virtual reality simulated in a computer built by some advanced civilisation. Your brain, too, is merely a part of that simulation. What grounds could we have for taking this hypothesis seriously? Before getting to the gist of the simulation argument, let us consider some of its preliminaries. One of these is the assumption of “substrate independence”. This is the idea that conscious minds could in principle be implemented not only on carbon-based biological neurons (such as those inside your head) but also on some other computational substrate such as silicon-based processors.

Now we get to the core of the simulation argument. This does not purport to demonstrate that you are in a simulation. Instead, it shows that we should accept as true at least one of the following three propositions: 
(1) The chances that a species at our current level of development can avoid going extinct before becoming technologically mature is negligibly small 
(2) Almost no technologically mature civilizations are interested in running computer simulations of minds like ours 
(3) You are almost certainly in a simulation. 
Each of these three propositions may be prima facie implausible; yet, if the simulation argument is correct, at least one is true (it does not tell us which).
If we are in a simulation, is it possible that we could know that for certain? If the simulators don’t want us to find out, we probably never will. But if they choose to reveal themselves, they could certainly do so. Maybe a window informing you of the fact would pop up in front of you, or maybe they would “upload” you into their world. Another event that would let us conclude with a very high degree of confidence that we are in a simulation is if we ever reach the point where we are about to switch on our own simulations. If we start running simulations, that would be very strong evidence against (1) and (2). That would leave us with only (3).


Would Deja Vus also show credence to this scenario? A deja vu, as most probably know, is a strange physical sensation that you’re experiencing something you’ve already done before. Not just that you’ve done something similar…but that you’re actually repeating yourself in the same exact way. The sensation usually appears out of nowhere, last for several seconds or longer, and then fades out again. 
Thanks to the 1999 movie “The Matrix,” many people now jokingly (or seriously…) think of deja vus as something being changed in the program of reality. Mainstream science would have us believe that deja vus are nothing more than a meaningless and explainable biological phenomena centered in the brain, with no known reason for why or how they happen, what if déjà vus is another symptom of this other so-called reality theory? 

So What if…. 


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Home (short story)

Max was sitting alone, he had such a troubled night vivid with dreams and pain, he couldn’t wait for it all to end. He surveyed the room around him and watched the frightened faces, covered in dirt and grim, these were the lucky ones, the ones that papa used to call the awakened. He knew this day would come and he would have to help as many people as he could to the extraction point, but how he missed his brother, so young with great responsibility ahead oh him. He stood up he couldn’t afford to cloud his thoughts any longer, looking out the window he watched the sky start to turn redder by the day, he could feel the rumble in the earth and knew it was nearly time. 

Flashes of his papa pierced his thoughts, such a wise man was he, he told of a great coming to them when they were little and that we all had special jobs to ensure than humanity survived, how he mocked him them and chastised him, he remembers asking his papa how such a man could reign hell on earth and that fairy tales of devils and demons didn’t exist. A single tear slipped down Max’s cheek, he knew better now, it wasn’t a man, or the devil, or god. The earth was dying, people were frightened and max learned that when people are scared they do such horrible things to each other, there was a war raging on and they were all blind, they couldn’t see what he could, it was all coming to an end, soon there would be nothing left to fight over. 

Max heard the fluttering of wings against the window and saw a lone bird perched there, such a rare and beautiful site, something glistened on the birds leg and he realized it was paper wrapped in foil, a letter! 

Dearest Brother 

To sleep. Ah to just have that blissful time when nothing matters, but it shall not be. It’s not my time to rest yet, still so much to do and so little time. Why cant people see the truth, perhaps they are more ignorant than papa said they are, I still remember that day oh so clearly brother can you? Laying there on the floor at papas feet whilst he told us the story of the next coming, when hell shall reign on earth once more and only a few will rejoice. I always thought he was talking such nonsense, oh how I should have listened more and asked more instead of dismissing it so easily, it’s happening now, can you see the skies were you are? They are turning blood red and cackle like fire, it’s nearly time brother I hope you are as ready as I; it’s nearly time to finally go home. 

I understand and see so much clearer now the awakening is happening cant you feel it brother? The bubbling and fire in the pit of your stomach, it has grown stronger over the last few weeks and how I long for it all to end, I hear them…. All day and night I hear their pleas and cries and how powerless I feel to it all, if only we could save them all and take them home with us brother I cannot bare to see them suffer anymore. 

There are a few of us together now, around 20, they are all very scared and I don’t know what to tell them, they never told us what to tell them brother, I don’t know what to do. I try to appease their questions and help them make the crossover, such a hard thing for a human mind to do, one that’s been so clouded over the years, but they are managing and adapting like papa said they would, we are ready. 

I hope that you are safe brother, I feel so incomplete without you, I hear you sometimes, in my thoughts, such sadness and fear brother I try to console you but I don’t know if you feel me. I really hope you do. They are coming for us brother, its time, time to leave this hell behind, this earth can take no more, I hope this letter finds you and puts you at ease that I am safe, it will be your time soon brother and at last we can rejoice, and finally go home were we truly belong. 

Keep faith brother we are coming for you 


Max smiles. He folds up the paper and turns facing the crowd of eager people looking at him. 
“Get up people, its time, we are going home”