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New JFK site - Run by a very good friend

A friend of mine is a huge fan of JFK related stuff, and has reasearched all aspects of the assaination and events leading up to it and afterwards. he is an awsome researcher and writer - He has recently just opened his own jfk wiki and forum so please anyone who is intrested i suggest you stop by. Remember the site is still being put together so patients :D, the forum is up and running aswell. and the forum
Please sign up to the site and drop in and say hello, and i would be greatful if you would reblog -  thank you guys

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New JFK site - Run by a very good friend

A friend of mine is a huge fan of JFK related stuff, and has reasearched all aspects of the assaination and events leading up to it and afterwards. he is an awsome researcher and writer - He has recently just opened his own jfk wiki and forum so please anyone who is intrested i suggest you stop by. Remember the site is still being put together so patients :D, the forum is up and running aswell.

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Conspiracies of Hollywood and famous deaths

My original article here-

ThinkingCap Got me interested in this subject with his thread Rosemary’s Baby - A predictive homage to Roman Polanski’s Life and the death of Sharon Tate. He outlines his theories on the murder of Sharon tate and the eerie connections between the movie and her death amongst other things. I decided to have a little look around and see what other conspiracies Hollywood could be hiding. I found some interesting stuff out whilst doing some research and here is some of it for everyone to go over. Now don’t get me wrong not saying I believe everything, to me it makes interesting reading and of course there is always the WHAT IF….. factor. 

First off il direct you to a site called Hollywood conspiracies this site contains a lot of info on the Freemasons & Kabbalahists as well as other *conspiracies* regarding Hollywood actors. For example: 

Here are just a few famous Hollywood Celebrity Freemasons [via]: 
Gene Autry 
Irving Berlin 
Ernest Borgnine 
Nat King Cole 
Clark Gable 
Michael Richards (Kramer) 
Peter Sellers 
John Wayne 
Richard Pryor
Discrepancy on Suri Cruise Birth Certificate - Nurse’s License Number is Invalid 
Both babies were born on April 18 at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica. Anne Heffernan is the registered nurse who signed both birth certificates. As TMZ reported Monday, Heffernan, who never saw Suri, signed her birth certificate. A hospital rep says Heffernan is authorized to sign when a doctor is not available.

From same story 

And it gets more interesting. The Board of Registered Nursing told TMZ the license number on Grier’s certificate comes back to a Dorothy Rork. The license number on Suri’s birth certificate is a mystery. There is no name attached to that license number.

Source= Hollywood conspiracies 

Again mayb not earth shattering but hey it’s a start  

Another site I can direct you to is –Daily 23. Another site highlighting Hollywood conspiracies and urban legends, as well as A Blog About The Weird, Uncanny, And Just Plain Forbidden. Worth a little look see anyhow. Theres a lot on this site that could keep the mind active with conspiracies for a long time heres some examples of top Hollywood conspiracies on offer: 

Variety: More Cable Networks Catering To Conspiracy Theorists 

Tila Tequila Vs. The Illuminati, Part 3 

The Celebrity Doppelganger Conspiracy Theory 

Catholic Movie Reviews: Jonah Hex OK, The Backup Plan Evil 

"Psychic Court" To Be Paranormal Courtroom Show 

Did Doctor Who Predict The End Of The World On June 26, 2010? 

Keanu Reeves, Paul Mounet, and the Bill and Ted Connection 

Tila Tequila Writes About “Popstars That Worship Satan” 

Tori Spelling’s Dad Helping Her Marriage From Beyond The Grave

23 False Celebrity Death Rumors 

Nicolas Cage’s Pyramid Tomb, Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Ghost Rider 

Jim Carrey “Kills” Truman 

23 Creepy Celebrity Wax Museum Figures 

Extreme Movie Theories: The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus 

The Amazing Randi Calls Out Oprah 

Sarah Jessica Parker Sought Psychic To Help Marriage Woes 

Celebrities Photographed With Nazi Imagery

And theres lots more, quite a few don’t you think that are worth a look, theres pages and pages of stuff on that site. –Daily 23

Another interesting article I came across was book of thoth site, this site is for Paranormal Research and Discussion. This one pertains to Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen and a connection with UFO’S/ET, Or at least a conspiracy surrounding each: 

LA county persecutor Mr. John Miner now 86 yrs old, was an investigator of the Marilyn Monroe’s apparent suicide. Now has came to light revelations of alleged audiotapes from her psychologist Dr. Ralph Greenson. As an official investigator he was privy to listen to the tape but under the doctor and patient privilege to protect privacy, was unable to be put in public records but could be evaluated without details. Audio recordings from her therapy session prior to her death, accorrding to Mr. Miner that Marilyn Monroe was anything but suicidal and was looking forward to her future. Mr. Miner has been requesting a new autopsy be done to Marilyn Monroe due to the large amount of barbiturates found in her body as being administered.

This eventual released the Marilyn Monroe CIA Memo through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) which was authenticated by the CIA themselves. Within this document President Kennedy mentioned a visit to a secret air force base to view “things from outer space” (UFO information)…allegedly on a document dated 03 August 1962 - Marilyn Monroe has came across information and evidence of Roswell UFO Crash and aliens from President Kennedy.

Along with the top US Journalist and TV celebrity Dorothy Kilgallen (also a very close friend of Monroe) who had uncovered crucial evidence of a UFO crash and were about to disclose UFO revelation in a would be major joint conference on 14 September 1962. 
Information received of the 1954 UFO crash in England at Caldbeck Cumberland was leaked through Dorothy Kilgallen’s exclusive reporting of the hydrogen bomb test in Bikini Atoll by a top British diplomat and aristocrat - suspected to be Lord Mountbatten along some British official rank. She forwarded this in a national press release which was printed and published. She was put under CIA scruitiny and surveillance, which had her stopped on the UFO pursuit of a government disclosure also due to being under stress of mental breakdown (evidence of toxic fluoride and LSD traces were in her water supply). But by 1961 resumed (she had concrete evidence from her 1955 investigation (fact finding)). 

But by late August 1962 Marilyn Monroe was dead (cancelling the, would be public conference). Dorothy Kilgallen would be found dead in her apartment in Nov 1965 by nearly same circumstances as Marilyn Monroe (silencing the revelation).

Actually a few these I didn’t actually know about, a little more: 

According to Burleson, ‘Project Moon Dust’ had existed since 1953 and whose purpose was the recovering of debris from fallen space vehicles and including UFO crash. 
Furthermore behind the TOP SECRET stamp the name Schulgen can be seen as a UFO connection. Brigadier General George Schulgen was the Chief of the Air 
Intelligence Requirements Division of Army Air Corps Intelligence as the key in charge of investigating UFOs.

Some very intresting stuff here, authentic? I don’t know but wow 
Please read article in full = book of thoth site. The site also contains a vast amount of stuff on ufo in general so well worth a gander. 

Here are a few more famous conspiracies most will know about 

Paul McCartney is DEAD 

Clues such as when when a song is played backwards revealing haunting words, symbolic interpretations of obscure lyrics, and ambiguous imagery on album covers. Some of these have become well known, such as the fact that on the cover of Abbey Road, McCartney is the only barefooted Beatle, and is out of step with the others. The start of the conspiracy derived from the story that Paul crashed his Ashton Martin and then it was reported over the radio. Since then there has been a look and sound alike filling in to support the groups fame. 
More links for this conspiracy: 
Officially pronounced dead? 

paul really is dead 

Princess Diana was murdered conspiracy 
There are not many people on this planet that wont know at least part of this big conspiracy, outline? Princess Diana is alleged to have been assassinated by order of the queen due to her Muslim relationship. Well that’s at least one theory a few more have been Faked Death, MI6 Killed Di or the Target was Dodi visit the links below for more in depth views. 


Following Diana’s sudden death in Paris, August 31, 1997 many doubts have surrounded the official story of the paparazzi chasing a drunk driver at speed toward an inevitable and tragic accident. Below you will find a catalogue of articles culled from LondonNet’s newsdesk that deal with the developing alternative theories of the crash, ranging from “no-accident” to “full blown conspiracy”.

From same link - explores some of the theories about her death 
the Diana conspiracies 

The below is a very interesting site actually , it highlights eerie similarities between princess Diana’s death and the band called the smiths–

It is certainly more than “coincidence” when all the compelling correlations between 
Morrissey’s work and Princess Diana’s death are concentrated in such fitting places: 
1. The Smiths album that announces a royal death. 
2. The final Smiths compilation before Diana’s death. 
3. Morrissey’s duet with “a harbinger of death”. 
4. The final Morrissey single before Diana’s death.


Theres obviously more links and sites out there am sure a simple google will find em  

Another major conspiracy and one I am sure almost everyone has heard of it’s the J.F.K assassination. Was it the driver?, was there a shooter on the grassy knoll? Who really was involved here, il not get to much into it as its well discussed on ATS, here are some Links though to have a look at.

Utube video of JFK assassination 

ATS THREAD-Did William greer shoot kenedy? 

ATS thread – lee Harvey Oswald analysis 

the kennedy assassination 

the JFK assassination homepage 
Elvis Presley faked his own death – this is just one theory surrounding this legends death. the official story? 

Elvis died on August 16, 1977 in the bathroom at Graceland. After being found on the bathroom floor, Elvis was rushed to the hospital where he was officially pronounced dead. The coroner recorded the cause of death as cardiac arrhythmia. While true in the strictest sense (cardiac arrhythmia basically means that the heart was beating irregularly and in this case, finally stopped), the attending physicians deliberately omitted the fact that what had apparently caused Elvis’ heart to beat irregularly and then stop was an overdose of prescription drugs. These drugs included codeine, Valium, morphine, and Demorol, to name a few. After this information was revealed, Vernon Presley, Elvis’ father, had the complete autopsy report sealed. It will remain sealed until 2027, fifty years after The King’s death. Elvis’ body is buried at Graceland.


But this for some reason or another has never sit right with elvis fans, and the conspiracies were born. 

elvis information network 

mayb unconnected but this cites a mystery to do with elvis daughter lisa marie 

The Truth about elvis 
The above suggests that elvis Presley faked his death long before he actually *died* 

Because he never lived in the first place. He faked his own life before he was even born, and created a music icon that is, without a shadow of a doubt, bigger than Jesus, The Beatles, and Weird Al Yankovic combined.But it doesn’t stop there. 
Immediately before faking his death in 1977, Elvis approached a little known actor in California, temporarily switched bodies with him, and starred in a major motion picture that became the biggest hit of the entire decade, and caused a new style of music to explode in popularity. 
The actor was John Travolta. The movie was Saturday Night Fever. And the music was disco—a style developed by Elvis back in 1880 in Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park lab.

is elvis alive? A 3 part report 

Anna Nicol Smith- just another famous person whos death was surrounded by coincidence and mystery- no one believing the official story. Anna was a model and actress (real name Vickie Lynn Marshall) and died aged 39, from an overdose of prescription drugs in a hotel in Florida on February 8, 2007. An official investigation concluded that she had been killed by a cocktail of drugs. 
Within days of Nicole Smith’s death, the web was alive with speculation over the striking similarity with the death of her son, Daniel, who had been killed a few months earlier from a cocktail of drugs. The deaths of both anna nicol and her son have been linked together by some people. 

anna nicol smith conspiracy 

Mystery surrounds annas sons death 

Mystery and Political Intrigue Swirl Around Anna Nicole Smith Tragedy 

Anna Nicole Smith’s Death: Another Case of Hollywood’s Murder Mystery?  

The River Phoenix Death mystery. River phoenix was an advocate against the use of drugs and yet on October 31, 1993, he collapsed from an overdose of heroin and cocaine outside a Hollywood nightclub owned by Johnny Depp. People began questioning the official story surrounding his death citing his relentless advocating of drug use and the lack of needle marks on his body 
Wikipedia on rivers death 

River Phoenix and “The Children of God 

Comments about Texe Marrs’ statement about River Phoenix in Codex Magica 

There are many more famous ones that I won’t go into here but a simple ats search and Google search will show you a lot more such as the deaths of Michael Jackson, john Lennon, James dean, kurt cobain„ Bruce lee and his son Brandon lee. To name a few. 

Hollywood as a whole has always had conspiracies surrounding it some that we could attribute a bit of truth to and others that make you think WTF. Here are just some articles I found pertaining to the great Hollywood conspiracies 

Mind Control in TV, Movies & Hollywood quotes  

Hollywood conspiracies 

Famous celebrity death conspiracies  

Kings Of Conspiracy – Illuminati Threatened – Signs and Predictions Throughout Hollywood Productions 

911 Conspiracy - Hollywood knew Part 1 of 5 

Hollywood the ultimate conspiracy guide 

Spooky Hollywood: Tangled Web of Charlie Manson page 1

Spooky Hollywood: Tangled Web of Charlie Manson page 2

Well that’s just SOME of the many conspiracies that surround Hollywood, its actors, movies and celebrity deaths, and trust me there are many many more out there. 

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A look At The Shag Harbour Incident

I am someone who loves UFO/Alien stuff having had a few of my own experiences over the years so I thought I would share this story I saw a while back. The reason I found this fascinating was because of the sheer amount of evidence, eye witnesses , news reports and documentation from both public and military. Other than Roswell this one a pretty big thing 

Shag Harbor was a UFO incident that happened in 1967, it is claimed that a UFO crashed at shag harbor a small fishing village in Nova Scotia., and has been deemed as one of the most bizarre cases of all time. 
This small fishing community was so unknown and small that no map ever had its location before this incident occurred, but the locals held many tales of seeing ghost ships and giant sea monsters but the incident in 1967 stayed with them as one of the most bizarre and controversial in the world.

The incident in questioned happened on October 4th 1967 just before 11:30pm. A variety of witnesses saw a low flying object approximately 60ft long with 4-5 glowing lights, the object appeared to be flyinh at an angle and head down into Shag Harbour, on the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia, Canada. Strange whistleing sounds were heard by multiple witnesses just before they heard a very loud *woosh* sound and then a loud bang. Thinking they had witnessed a plane crash the mounted police were called into investigate, it took the police only 15 minutes to reach the scene, there were the 3 mounties as well as multiple witnesses and they al observed a yellowish or white lighting bobbing in the water aproximtly 300 yards offshore. 

Assembling a rescue mission with the help of local fishermen, they were speeding to the crash site within the hour. However nothing was found, all that they could see was a thick, oily, glittering, yellow foam about 80 feet wide and half a mile long. The fisherman said they had never seen anything like it. It was not normal sea foam. Bubbles were coming up from below as if something had recently sunk and there was the smell of sulfur. 

Taken from Source is the below 
After several hours of searching nothing was found and the search was called off at approximately 3:00 am. Both the NORAD and the Rescue Coordination Center in Halifax had been contacted by the RCMP and found that there had been no reports that evening of missing aircraft, either civilian or military. 

On October 5th (the following day), the Rescue Coordination Center filed a report with the Canadian Forces Headquarters in Ottawa. This report stated that something had crashed into the water in Shag Harbor, but the object was of “unknown origin.” The Canadian Forces Headquarters dispatched the HMCS Granby to Shag Harbor crash site, and using advanced detection equipment and specially trained divers from the Navy and the RCMP, the Canadian military systematically searched the sea floor for several days, and found nothing.

Another site depicts Source 

Two days after the crash, RCC had assembled a team of Navy divers, who for the next three days combed the bottom of the harbor looking for the object. One local fisherman said he saw them bringing up aluminum-colored metal debris, although it was unclear if this had been actual crash debris. The final report, e.g., said not a trace of the crash object had been found. 

Evidence from various military and civilian witnesses also emerged of a highly secretive military search involving a small flotilla of U.S. and Canadian ships about 30 miles to the NE of Shag Harbour near Shelburne, site of a supersecret submarine detection base. According to one military witness, he was briefed that the object had been originally picked up on radar coming out of Siberia. After crashing in Shag Harbour, it traveled underwater up the coast and came to rest on top of the submarine magnetic detection grid near Shelburne. The ships were anchored there for a week, apparently in an attempt to recover the object. A barge was hurriedly brought in on which to place the object, with a likely cover story printed in local newspapers to explain its presence there. 

Many photographs were taken by divers and some foam-like debris brought up. One talkative diver stated that the object wasn’t from planet Earth. Another military witness claimed that there were actually two objects, one perhaps trying to assist the other. 

After a week, the fleet departed to chase an intruding Russian submarine. In the meantime, the object or objects disappeared. A seemingly identical UFO was then seen by witnesses to depart from Woods Harbour, only half a mile from Shag Harbour. 

The incident was not however completely isolated there were several reports both before and after this one 
There had been numerous UFO sightings in eastern Canada and southwestern Nova Scotia in the hours leading up to the crash. However, the reports are scattered in times and locations. In some cases a single object was reported; in other cases multiple objects. Thus it is not clear whether these various UFO events were directly connected with the Shag Harbour crash object. However, it can be said there was a very high concentration of strange lights maneuvering in the skies of southwestern Nova Scotia on the night of Oct. 4, 1967. In the end, the primary investigators concluded from various evidence that more than one object may have been involved in the crash.

Below from the same source are a variety of reports from up to 4 hours BEFORE the main incident occurred 
The reports began at least 4 hours before the crash around 7:20 p.m. when two airline pilots near Montreal, nearly 400 miles west of Shag Harbour, reported two large explosions near a glowing, orange, rectangular object trailed by a string of lights. The trailing lights broke formation and danced around the glowing explosion clouds. 

The first report from the Halifax, N.S. area, about 150 miles NE of Shag Harbour, began at around 7:50 p.m., followed by another one about 40 miles SW of Halifax at around 8:30, and about 10 miles further SW at around 10:45. 

At 10:00, numerous witnesses in the Halifax/Dartmouth N.S. area saw a glowing, orange-red ball 40-60 feet in diameter floating slowly along the harbor coastline. One of these witnesses was Chris Styles, age 12, who came within 100 feet of the object. 26 years later, Styles was to resurrect the Shag Harbour case and become its principle investigator. 

At about 9:00 p.m., a fishing boat near Halifax, N.S., spotted three bright red lights near the horizon to the NE and four solid objects on ship’s radar (3 not visible) forming a square pattern 6 miles on a side. At around 11:00 p.m., one of the red lights rose straight up in the air and passed over the boat, taking it in the general direction of Shag Harbour to the SW. The captain later filed a report with the RCMP thinking his ship’s sighting might be connected with the reported search for the crash object at Shag Harbour. 

By around 11:00 p.m., the UFO reports had shifted from the Atlantic southeastern side of Nova Scotia to the northwestern Bay of Fundy area. The last of these reports came from a herring fleet and observers on shore. The objects again departed in the direction of Shag Harbour, perhaps just prior to the crash at around 11:20 p.m. 

So something was defiantly going on that night. 

UFO sightings before the crash 

Below are maps showing were the other UFO’s were sites please visit the links to see the reports. 

SOURCE For pre-crash reports 

Initial Crash incident reports 

The official shag harmor search, the military serach and the lighthouse mans strange story 

If you look through the reports there it shows you newspaper reports, photocopies of the incident reports, 

Please look at the following links 
Cover stories and debunkery, Missing documents, Documents that were found 

News Articles about the crash 
From above link 

Copies of official documents 
Example from above 

Something was in my opinion anyway being covered up in regards to this incident, was it alien? A military excesise?, cover up? Who knows. Some more info from another source: 

In interviews with divers, and crew members from the HMCS Granby they discovered some startling information. The object that dove into the waters off of Shag Harbor had been tracked, and it had actually traveled underwater for a distance of about 25 miles to a place called Government Point. In the 1960’s the U.S. had maintained a small but technically advanced military base at Government Point, managing a Magnetic Anomaly Detection system (MAD grid) for the purpose of detecting and tracking submarines in the North Atlantic using . 

The U.S. military had most definitely detected the object on its sensitive tracking equipment. Naval vessels were dispatched and positioned over the unidentified object, where it had stopped. After 3 days of no movement, and not knowing exactly what it was, the military was planning to initiate an investigative salvage operation. As the Navy waited and planned, the detection equipment picked up another object moving in, and to the amazement of all those involved, joined the first object on the ocean floor. The speculation at the time, was that the second UFO (I guess officially now an Underwater Flying Object) was there to render aid to the first object.

So according to these reports there was a 2nd object that moved into *help the first*and they both moved along the ocean floor at great speeds.
Under the cover of this new activity on the surface, both UFOs made their move, accelerating underwater toward the Gulf of Maine. The remaining Navy vessels pursued them toward the United States, but the objects continued to distance themselves from their trackers. To the astonishment of the pursuers, both of the objects broke to the surface and shot skyward to vanish within seconds. 

According to the researchers, while these observations were well corroborated by many credible eye witnesses, these accounts were given “Off the Record” by military, ex-military, and civilian personnel who fear harassment, ridicule, or loss of pension. So as the saying goes, “only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.”


Very strange indeed. And even to this day this is still deemed to be something that cannot be fully explained. 

Other sources 
source 1 
Source 2 
source 3 
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Using Emotion To Control The Sheeple

The following is an article i wrote for abovetopsecret - original thread here -

Oh yes I went there…I used the sheeple word  

Its not a new concept, and is well known to work in a variety of circumstances, for example – take an advert for Save The Children often in their advertisement’s they will show you children that are crying, distressed, ‘appearing’ to be in pain, in discomfort etc – to play to your pity nature, to ‘feel’ sorry for these children. They depend on this emotion from you so that you donate to their funds, if they were to show you an advert of smiling children, laughing etc you would not be so inclined to donate, or even pay much attention to it. 

Disclaimer – I am in no way undermining the work of this organization, just using them as an example 

Many advertising agencies use emotional responses to get you to subscribe to what they are telling you, so as I say not a new concept. 

However what gets me curious is the fact that some people don’t seem to understand that government agencies will use these same tactics to control the populace, to sway public opinions, to get their vote of ‘confidence’ – to use that term loosely. The put forward propaganda, shock tactics, basically lying by omission to get what they want. A form of psychological warfare, which may also involve false flag operations. How is this so hard for some people to understand? Governing bodies control what they want you to know (or at least try to) via TV, Radio, News reports and other means. The way I have come to view it is that the ‘powers that be’ are the trolls of the world, the magicians to show us a magic trick to perform a slight of hand, showing you something with the left hand whilst the right hand does something else. 

A few examples of when government agencies have used such tactics. 

Operation Himmler Was a false flag operation by the Nazi’s. They faked attacks on their own people & resources and blamed the attacked on the poles – this was to justify them invading Poland. The Nazi’s went as far as setting fire to their own parliament blaming the fire on other people – this paved the way for Hitler to seize power. 

In the 1950’s Agents of an Israeli terrorist organization working in Egypt bombed several buildings these included the U.S diplomat offices, ‘evidence’ was planted to implicate Arabs however due to one of the bombs detonating to early the Egyptians were able to identify the true culprit and along with Israel’s Defense Minister, the entire Israeli government were brought crumbling down by the scandal. 

Sources of Interest 
- communitarianisms, nationalisms, nostalgias 
-The Lavon Affair 

The Russian KGB have been known to bomb their own people particularly to justify war against Chechnya and put Vladimir Putin into power see this report here for example 

The Tonkin incident is another prime example. American destroyer named ‘maddox’ was reportedly attacked a few times by North Vietnamese torpedo boats in 1964. Which was a complete fabrication to the truth– the reality was that North and south Vietnam were partaking in aggressive ‘raids’ against each other of which president Nixon used as an excuse to go to war – which they lost. See This source here 

Operation Gladio was the name given to one “Strategy of TensionProject” used by NATO/US. It scapegoated an “internal enemy” political affiliation - the Left and Socialists and Communists - and helped keep the “reactionaries” and “punishers” - the post-war fascists - in power. 
They did NOT just “kill commies” who they wanted to defeat in elections. They killed crowds of random victims to get everyone terrified, so they would vote for the far right for “security”. There were some targeted assassinations too. 

1898 - The sinking of the USS Maine in Havana harbor was immediately pinned on the Spanish and the rallying call became, “Remember the Maine! To hell with Spain.” 

The G20 Riots 

Other possible ‘false flag ops’ 

Desert Storm (First Gulf war), 1991) 
Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan invasion), 7.10.2001 
Enduring Justice (Second Gulf war), 20.3.2003-: later known with less irony as Operation Iraqi Freedom 
Operation Northwoods 

There are many, many, many more that could be added to this list as well, a lot of which I haven’t even mentioned in this thread - the above is only to show an example of this kind of thing going on, to show you that really the ‘powers that be’/government will do what it takes to get what it wants done, and they are not beneath playing on the masses emotions to do it. Something that really shouldn’t be forgotten. 

Some interesting links 

Foreign Policy 
Top 10 false flag operations that shaped our world 

If it wasn’t for the governments fear mongering etc would half of these incidents have taken place? I’d hazard a guess and say no. 

These tactics are used a lot in the Elections, they will appeal to your patriotism, your fears etc - Hell, want an example? SOPA/PIPA – how convenient. Don’t you think these two bills come to light during the run up of the US elections, how convenient also for them to be scrapped once there was uproar, this of course won’t be the end. Other acts are going through, ACTA for one. A lot of people will also say that its convenient that we have ‘Anonymous’ coming to the rescue, who is to say that this isn’t another false flag op, a way to tame and control the masses, to get what they want – With the rise of Anonymous they are effectively giving the government a reason to take away our freedoms, particularly online, in the first place - all this in election year as well, we all like to think that we stand for freedom of speech, we have our own rights, thoughts, feelings that no-one can control, but is that truly the case? 

I will leave you with this thought 

The individual is smart, The group are sheeple 
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ROni’s Rant :)

Hang on to your knick knacks guys tis is gonna be a bumpy ride!!! 

predictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont get me wrong im not debunking all of em but OH MY GOD!!!!! why is it that one gets posted on sites etc about some obscure end of the world, the sky is falling type of BS and alot of people get the panties in a twist and holler ’ we r dooooommmeeeeeeeeddddddddddd’ 

*composes herself* 

ok heres the deal: 

YOU ARE GOING TO DIE! that is a fact, nothing you can do about it unless you have discovered the fountain of youth or some other obscure i will live forever kinda rubbish, deal with it. 

THE WORLD ONE DAY WILL END - fact! - no denying it, it will happen the earth cant sustain itself forever, i mean afterall look at the skies at all the dying stars etc that once were planets/soler systems/galaxies. It will happen. however the likely hood of it happening in the next while or even our lifetime, is slim to none. 

THERE ARE BIG ASSED ASTEROIDS/COMETS OR WHATEVER ELSE OUT THERE THAT CAN HIT THE EARTH - again fact. but lets be honest here, what the hell you gonna do about it? fly up into the sky and kick them away? its gonna happen like it or not. stop worrying and live your life, go to work, get into debt be with your friends and family. No point in panicking about something you cannot control. 

ok does that clear those issues up for you? good  

As for crackpot , fear mongering losers who predict such doomsday scenarios i have 3 words for you - GET A LIFE. If you fear the world ending and you dying so much go eat a banana and live under a rock. 

Dont get me wrong there are people out there who have genuine predictions in whatever form they take for them, but people like the latest Charlestons give the rest of them a very bad name indeed. 

At the end of the day dont let the doom and gloom get you down, as i said before, you WILL die, the earth WILL destroy itself one day etc but at the end of the day if you lets these fears rule your life, you will have no life, so stop and take a stroll through the park and smell the roses for a while and relish in the beauty of nature, everything lives and dies its the cycle of life.